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Article: Click Here Written by Rob Munro, AERA Membership and Technical Development Manager July-September 2019

Modal Software attended Association of Diesel Specialist (ADS) International Convention and Tradeshow on August 7-10th at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel. George Ouzounian, CEO, and Jahan, Marketing Assistant, attended. Diesel Fuel dealers from across the nation were in attendance. In addition, to great informational seminar and representative from BOSCH and other OEMs discuss the state […]

We have an advance team working on enhancing our software features to provide a more effective experience for our customers and their users. Currently we are working on the sort data feature in each section such as the purchasing, item, and invoicing. The sort data feature will allow you to display data base on your […]

Modal Software chose Intuit QuickBooks Pro as our general Ledger ten years ago because it is well known, well supported, and it is relatively inexpensive.  Since then, QuickBooks has added an Enterprise product that is well explained in the article in P C Magazine by Kathy Yakal dated  January 15, 2018.  The Enterprise version is […]

March 9, 2018: We have brought Actionrev current with Ruby and Rails. This should cause the data base to run faster. We are currently working on an average cost of inventory for OEM, Exchange and Core in the system. In the next month or two we are going to use Web Connect to export information […]

On Febusary 12, 2018: we annoucing our new full time enhancement develpier working on Actionrev enhabncements, Eruara Smith. We are currently asking our user base to give us new enhancements that would benifit all or our users. Please email when you can or give us a Support emial on your ideas for future enhancements. We […]

As a diesel and heavy truck repair shop owner, your primary business objective should be improving customer relationships. Keeping your customers in mind will not only help you craft business strategies tailored to their delight but will also drive revenues. And, what’s better than a happy customer? Another happy customer who comes via referral Let’s […]

As a machine shop owner, you’re constantly trying to juggle between several tasks- inventory management, supervision, customer service, raw material influx etc. A minor error in any of the processes may prove to be very expensive for you and your business goals. Machine shop management software is your ‘go to’ for all your tasks and […]

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How about spending less time in the shop and yet accomplishing much more? With ActionRev’s Service and machine shop software, diesel and machine shop owners can utilize their time on other productive tasks than spending time physically in their shops, supervising each task.  

As a service and repair shop owner, you have zillion things to look after- from finding new customers to retaining existing customers and skilled technicians, cost control, inventory etc. Wouldn’t it be great if a service shop software made your life easier? How about a software which took care of inventory management, online sales, invoicing, purchase order estimates, 24/7 cloud accessibility and so much more!