Free yourself from the shop

What if you could accomplish more and feel in control, all while not having to be at the shop as much?

Most Diesel & Machine shop owners are physically tied to their shop. As profitable as a heavy duty shop can be, the pendulum swings the other way too: it can take you down financially if you are not careful

With ActionRev’s cloud based Diesel & Machine shop software, you can see which jobs and techs are making you money, from anywhere. You get true freedom from the shop.

This is one reason many owners insist on personally reviewing every job before it is billed. And if their shop management software lives on a server in the shop, or they do things on paper, the only way to do this is to physically be at the shop.

You can’t take vacations without coming back to a mess. It’s very painful just to get away.

Another reason is the idea that unless you see the technicians, the work isn’t getting done. The reality is that seeing them has nothing to do with whether they are getting work done. Some techs are in the shop all day and get very little done.

Freedom From the Diesel & Machine Shop

What if you could free yourself from having to be at the shop, but still get everything you want done? What if you could feel in control, and make sure work gets done, regardless of where you happen to be?

Never get behind on invoicing again

Slow to invoice means slow to pay. A lot of customers don’t start the clock on their payables until they get the invoice, so if you’re not careful you might find yourself calling on a past due invoice the customer just got. Not a great confidence builder.

What’s more, when the invoice comes long after the repair is done, your customer feels the pain of the repair a second time. The faster you can invoice, the more emotionally grateful the customer will be to see the invoice, because it means their truck is back on the road. If it’s been a few weeks, that late invoice is just opening an old wound.

Imagine a world where you never get behind on invoicing. Where you create invoices by just clicking a button. And where preparing invoices is just a small piece of an employee’s week; not their entire job.

We built ActionRev to be the right tool for Diesel & Machine Shops. That includes taking the pain out of the invoicing process.

We shrank invoice creation time down from 35 minutes to a few seconds. We were able to do this because all the necessary information for the invoice is collected along the way, organically. Once the job is complete, it is just a matter of someone reviewing and approving the information that is already there.

Never leave a part off an invoice again

Technicians cannot complete their work until all parts have been received in the system. This innovation means parts will never be left off a customer invoice, saving you hundreds or thousands per month.