Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Actionrev cost?

Actionrev accounts start at $100/month for a single user per physical location with support. As the administrator to your account you may grant access to additional users. With support and price list information the system start at $175 and if a performance information is necessary for Administrators, management, and technicians productive the additional option will cost $50/month per user. Limited access for tracking time and commissions is $10/month per user. Read only access to your account is free to unlimited users.

Do you look at our data? What about privacy?

We have administrative access to every Actionrev account to provide instant support to our users. On our server your data is stored in separate databases and we do not share your data with anyone unless you authorize us to (i.e. selling your products online). With the example of selling your products online, you have the option to select which products to sell and only the selected products will be available for others to see.

Which web browsers are compatible with Actionrev?

Actionrev requires Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox. There are known issues with Internet Explorer 5 or below. Other browsers may or may not work, but only the three listed are guaranteed compatible.

Is Actionrev secure?

All Actionrev accounts are password protected. You control who has access to your account.

If you choose, you may purchase a security certificate to encrypt information (SSL encryption) passed between your computer and our servers. 128-bit SSL encryption is the same level of security as online banks.

Can we install Actionrev on our own server?

Only as a backup. Premium Actionrev service is only available as a hosted service. We make it easy for you to focus on your business by handling the hosting, maintenance, and backups of you data. Because we can do this with many accounts at once we are able to drive the cost of technology down.

For backup purposes we can setup a server at your site that synchronizes with your hosted account. In the case you temporarily loose internet access you can still retrieve data from the local server.

What happens if you stop providing Actionrev as a service?

You are always entitled to your data. If for any reason ModalSoftware discontinues Actionrev you will received 90 days notice. Within those 90 days we’ll work out a plan best suited for you account.

What’s the difference between Administrators, Managers, Technicians, Associates and Guests?

  • Administrator have access to all Actionrev features. One Administrator is included per location.
  • Managers have access to core modules (invoices, work orders, etc), lists, and reports.
  • Technicians have access to core modules, lists.
  • Associates have read only access to core modules and lists and are available for commissions and time clock functions.
  • Guests have read only access to core modules and lists. Guests do not appear on lists for commissions, serviced by, etc.

What is the procedure for setup?

We will start with a migration plan to convert your existing data to Actionrev. During that process we will consult with you to determine how Actionrev can best be implemented. If you are an Authorized Service Dealer we will provide you with current price lists. We will then educate you on how to use Actionrev. Most systems can be converted in only a few days.