Enterprise Solution

Our current client base would like to create a Business to Business (B to B) integrated computer system with a Distributor or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Linking a Distributor or OEM to Dealers would benefit all.

The functionality of purchasing, item availability, and having current pricing is of importance to Dealers. Dealers would have current pricing of parts, availability of parts, Exchange prices, Core Charges, package quantities, and can seamlessly send Purchase Orders in real-time. A Dealers pricing would be protected and only viewable by that Dealer. All other information regarding customer records, past sales history, and the production of rebuilding is information the dealer regards as proprietary and must remain confidential to the Dealer.  By creating a buffer, we fulfill our fiduciary obligation to the dealer. The dealer is assured all proprietary data will be kept confidential.

Distributors or OEMs would benefit because they would have the ability to receive a Purchase Order in real-time that can set aside items from inventory availability. This would eliminate incoming faxes and the labor of transcribing a faxed Purchase order into their inventory system. Distributors can also show when items have been shipped and give tracking information to their Dealers.

Our system is a multi-location, multi-department system. If Dealers wish to share inventory information with other Dealers they can do so. Currently, we allow all users of our software to share individual item inventory availability with the entire group of dealers but not any other information. The ability to share inventory information, including rebuild/exchange inventory, with all the members of the group is a very powerful way of collaborating with others and at the same time maintaining their proprietary information.

Modal Software can tailor a software system for any OEM or Distributor that would consist of one cloud-based database for the OEM and/or Distributor. This system would come with one website. This corporate website would have a login for as many Dealers as necessary. Each location would have all activity for Purchasing, Estimates, Work Orders, Invoices and equipment tracking in the database. Each function would have a search field that can narrow the search by location and department. Static inventory data would be universal to all locations and departments. Dynamic information (inventory qualities) would be displayed by location.

The Static inventory data would consist of the following:

  1. Item Retail Pricing.  Current retail per all items sold and purchased
  2. Item Cost
  3. Rebuilt item pricing
  4. Core pricing
  5. Package qualities
  6. Assess to Purchase Orders  ( This will be created in the buffer as an Invoice to the client)
  1. Item inventory would be as per the master item list in the clients and Manufacture’s/Distributor database.

Dynamic data would include the quantities of each item ordered, shipped information, and any other data that would change as each order is processed.

Purchase Order numbering would be the sequential numbering per client’s database and a sequential

Distribution Diagram