Diesel Based Repairs & Rebuild Shop Software

What is it?

ActionRev is a diesel rebuild and repair software that utilizes internet technology to deliver a cost-effective solution for service and repair to the diesel, transportation, and parts industry.

What does it do?

ActionRev tracks all details of a service shop, including vehicles, work orders, preventive maintenance schedules, customer price level, technician labor, and unlimited parts & items. Using ActionRev as a platform we tailor the data entry and reports for your business. ActionRev posts the finalized financial data to your accounting system such as QuickBooks.

The Benefits of Using ActionRev Diesel Rebuild Shop Software

  • Easy to use web interface puts the most needed features of this diesel repair shop software just one click away.
  • Runs on off-the-shelf PC or Mac computers. Requires only an internet connection and browser.
  • Access your account off-site or from mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone.
  • Reports and Invoices are delivered as crisp and clean PDFs. Save them, email them, or print them on standard printers.
  • With a low monthly lease we manage and host the software on our servers to save you time, money, and headaches.
  • Pay for usage by user. Actionrev will scale to grow as your company grows, one or a hundred users.
  • Lease includes Customer support and Community Enhancements
  • Instant upgrades. You’ll always be using the latest version of the software with out additional costs.
  • The optional onsite backup server provides access to your data in the case internet service is temporarily disconnected.
  • ActionRevdiesel/truck repair software integrates tightly with QuickBooks.
  • Custom programming services available to integrate with inventory and accounting systems.

System Requirements

ActionRev diesel rebuild shop software requires internet access and a modern web browser. Recommended browsers are Internet Explorer 6 or 7, Firefox 2.0, or Apple Safari. For printing support, Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 is required to print on any modern printer. ActionRev can run from a dial-up or satellite internet connection but broadband is highly recommended. For the highest level of reliability, a dedicated line is recommended.


ActionRev is sold as a simple month-to-month lease. Prices start at $40 a month for one location and one user, without support after set up. With full support and vendor price list, the system starts at $175 a month and with integrated website option, the system starts at $250 per month. Contact our sales department for customized pricing: 559-733-8323

Training and Setup

Our consultants can setup ActionRev software for your diesel repair shop and support you over the telephone. In most cases our new users find the system so easy to use that they need very little help getting started. Additionally, we are available to help migrate existing data or to integrate ActionRev with Quickbooks or any other system. We are also available for onsite training and consulting.


Once your account is setup and ready to use simply point your browser to your assigned URL. A safe and secure address will be assigned to your company (e.g. http://yourcompany.actionrev.com) giving full control over who can access your diesel repair shop software account.