ActionRev Flowchart

The purpose of this flowchart is to show the overall tasks and functionality of Actionrev.
The overall function of ActionRev is to organize a manufacturing, repair and or maintenance process. This simple overview charts out the functionality of our system and can be the basis for a costing spread sheet. The modules of manufacturing, repair and or maintenance are enhanced by using a Web Site to capture date in the form of Invoices that are processed and then exported to a General Ledger.


flow chart

Features include:

1. Production tracking by departments and locations.
2. Time tracking by job and by employee.
3. Inventory tracking by item, vendor, supplier, department, and location.
4. Estimate, Work Order and Invoice tracking.
5. Item (vehicle or any serial numbered component) history tracking,
6. Vendor price list with current updates available.
7. Web Based vehicle history look up.